yongfa electronic safe 25ea manual

You will need to keep the yongfa battery electronic held onto the connection points while you type in your code and open yongfa the door.
I plan on mounting the safe in my wall behind a portrait.
If all else fails, contact the experts.Why not give it a shot.Digital lock with electronic emergency power supply connection.So looking into the hole, there electronic was a red button, i pushed it, it beeped, but i didnt know what i was supposed.Accessing safe the batteries in your digital safe.Not like i had an instruction manual, but if i did, i would have known to pressed the red button, punch in a new combo, and press electronic A/B, then to open the safe, punch in that combo, press A/B and it would open so the.Safewell is a leading safe group in China, specializing in the production, research development and marketing of theftproof safe, fireproof safe, bank vault door, alarm and other security products.Work out what sort of digital safe you have.This is a question electronic I get asked a lot!Spray things in the lock : We have had all sorts of weird and wonderful things sprayed in locks over the years and none of them help.If your digital safe is one of the more secure/robust varieties, or none of the above have worked then it is probably time to speak to the professionals.

Check that the batteries are dead and that it is not another problem.
Kick it : Although this may make you crack feel better it will not help and may damage the safe locking mechanism further.
Digital lock with honda batteries behind the keypad.Each type of safe requires a different method of replacing the dead batteries: Digital lock with override key honda - You will need to use the override key to open the safe. If your batteries are dead, you will need to hold a 9v battery (Like the ones you get in smoke detectors) to the connection points at the front of the safe, this should deliver the power you require to enter your code on the keypad. Your safe will have come with a separate key which can be used to open the safe if the electronic lock fails or the batteries run down. The battery pack is inside the door and batteries can only victory be replaced with the safe open.I welded the plate i cut back on, cleaned up the welds with a grinder, and finally gave it a flat black paint job.These manual higher end locks have the batteries concealed within the keypads with access to the battery even if the safe is locked (often from below, or the keypad will tilt forward to reveal the batteries).With our experienced engineers and nationwide service, no matter what grade, cash rating, or make of safe you have, we can get it open for you.Had i know there was a red reset button inside the safe and how to use it, i might have been able to push it using honda a flexshaft through the little hole in the back of the safe, but a grinder is more fun.Safes can become stuck shut for a variety of reasons, not just the batteries.Moreover, Safewell has set up 32 offices and 218 franchised shops around China and ranked the 1st in China market.However due to the less secure nature of these sort of key locks, honda a locksmith will be able to open it for you, for a charge.