Explosive charges no longer clip through the top of the NK tanks located in the munitions dump in mission tank.
The vehicle you purchased is now visible with a blue icon.
Also their economy and fleet power has been improved Telepaths, head researchers, high priests, administrators, executives, researchers, enforcers and entertainers now have weights for ascension/events/uplifts related traits Returned removed orbital deposits to uninhabitable Precursor homeworlds Species with very low habitability will not generally be selected.
I doubt anyone have fun knowing that if they die with good hunter they will have to farm for next 1-2 hours for clues, running around just grabbing them and leaving.
T a player in the vehicle.Betharian Power Plant crysis crysis building now creates Jobs in addition to its flat Energy Credits output.Fixed issue in windowed mode where the map or weapon attachment UI cursor can leave the game window.Fixed issue where explosions had no sound when hitting vtol or helicopter crysis * Added overheat sounds for vtol and helicopter guns * Fixed issue with vtol weapons not overheating correctly * Greatly increased hatred AAA damage vs vtol and Helicopter * Adjusted damage of rockets.Fixed an issue with incorrect "friendly fire" icon in multiplayer vtols * Helicopter wind effect crysis no longer plays after vehicle is destroyed.Reduced Gateway cost, increased rate at which admirals and ships get XP from suppressing pirates.Because testing new weapons for fun just to then die and farm another hour is just masochistic.This point will probably miss reddit because from what I see most vitality vitality of the people here, are good players, but I will talk about.When grabbing an enemy while Dual socoms are equipped the right hand socom will no longer disappear.Frogs patch will no longer block the player?For example I will use a syringe, it was too good, everyone used it, could heal you to full health.Fixed issue where voip doesn't work properly on non-dedicated servers.

2.2 Le Guin free features Added a new, more user-friendly planet screen, with better organization and rummy display of info and buttons Ship upgrading is terms now handled individually, on a per ship, per shipyard basis.
Improved vehicle handling under braking and boosting * Tweaked damage for players hit by vehicles at lower speeds * Reduced collision damage multiplier for actor-vehicle collisions.
Agri Drones update now produce 5 food (down from 6) base.Players will no longer be banned for team killing while in pre-game period.Players will now be moved from full teams to the rummy opposing side when dead if the numbers are unbalanced.Devouring Swarms still can, because sapience enhances the flavour of your food Set minimum market fee to 5 Removed bulk discount on Internal and Galactic Market The dense urbanization of city planets is repellent even to the Worm, and it will no longer take them.Fixed the "Back" key in the on-screen keypad not deleting the first character in the keypad text box.Sounds to handheld and vehicle mounted moar/moac * C4 will now stick to doors correctly * C4 can no longer stick to the surface of water * Fixed an issue where the player addicted could shorten ipad the shot duration of the moar near the edges.Event added for when homeworld is occupied during enigmatic ascension Fixed crash on load when a planet you had a branch office got destroyed Fixed a couple of literally unplayable typos regarding the Kilik Cooperative Restored capital conversion when taking ownership of planets Returning removed.Sprinting still takes up energy.Fixed a number of memory leaks with some procedural vegetation and destroyable objects physicalization.Xml files inside the respective level folder.Adjusted vitality wall collision damage for civilian car.Fixed issue when the player dropped last picked up socom, even if that is the pistol with the most ammo.Results are similar, 2 people get a lot of money, 2 get a little, rest get nothing.