Because episodes Rito is episodes responsible for the flaw, Momo and Nana demand Rito to episodes think of a strategy to attack Darkness.
Meanwhile, Yui keeps wondering love about her crush for Rito as she goes for a walk.
Lala informs him if he can pull the robotic cat's tail, the effects love will reset.
As Mea and Tearju agree, Yami feels a jolt as her body glows.
Rito, love Saruyama, and Lala are appalled love to hear this, and so they take the cat mother to the school infirmary.As Yami gives in, she shows signs of fear.They forced Yami to follow the path of darkness love and trained her to be a weapon.Realizing that Yami will not attack Rito, they began to mess with the other girls.

Rito dodge has to deal with a new personality each day while waiting for her medicine to arrive, and has to thwart a plan to take over the world constructed by a harsh, dictator-like Deviluke princess.
6 "Beach Girls" Transcription: "Bchi Gruzu" ( Japanese : ) November 10, 2010 Rito and the others visit Saki's private beach.
She invites Lala compact to her room and teaches humanly love through her visual novel.
Rito also cannot understand Momo's true digimon intentions.
Momo fights back with her own seduction and gets milkea flowers out of her Ddialer and pours their nectar on herself.18 The opening theme is "secret arms" by Ray while the ending theme is "Gardens" by Mami Kawada.Lala then asks Rito to go manual get her a drink, so Rito heads to the store where he is suddenly attacked by Yami as a test.In the end, there is a three way struggle between Mojack's attempts to take over the world, Kyouko's actions to burn everything to save it, and the fire chief's efforts to keep the district safe.In the end Haruna wins the title as the Greatest Hunter in the Universe.Rito demands revenge, which confuses Yami given that Rito is her target.Next, Mikan receives a call from Rin inviting her over to Saki's place.He quickly realizes that the glasses let him see through peoples clothes to their underwear.Rito, clueless about the situation, thinks the phone is still broken.When Rito enters the storage shed, Momo locks the door and tackles him.The memories of Rito carrying Kirisaki compact come into manual Kirisaki's mind, but Kirisaki quickly brushes it off.Momo reluctantly accepts, hoping magnum that Mea can get master to come out.