Thousands of innovative companies, including Apple, Allianz, American Express, m, Intuit, Philips, GE, eBay, Rackspace, Facebook, lego, Southwest Airlines, and question JetBlue Airways adopted NPS.
They take the time to respond to surveys, and they offer constructive feedback and suggestions.
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Harvard Business Review, in late 2003.And each calls for a different set of actions from the company.A mission without a measurement, without an question accurate question gauge of success or failure, is just so much hot air.GetAbstract recommends this readable, practical guide to managers and small business owners, as well as to entrepreneurs who want to inculcate NPSs customer loyalty principles into their ventures from the beginning.A great organization must have a positive impact on its ultimate shareholders, of course, but also on its employees, its business partners, and especially its customers.Something has gone badly wrong, question and an interaction that should have had a positive effect instead has had a negative one.Unless it earns the loyalty of all these stakeholders, its returns to shareholders will soon evaporate.They are not a happy crew.Facebook, question mehr von The Ultimate Question.0 auf Facebook anzeigen.105 Personen gefällt das.148 Personen haben das abonniert, facebook liefert Informationen, mit denen du die Intention von Seiten besser verstehst.They discovered new methods to extend its impact, not just to measure loyalty but to transform their organizations.This book tells the story of NPS, where it began, how it evolved, and where it is headed.

A familiar concept: consulting company does some research, publishes question an article, then a book.
It states that because the method is computer free (thought NPS A familiar concept: consulting company does some research, publishes an article, then a book.
The authors make a convincing, if somewhat repetitive, case for NPS.
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Skip navigation, rating 8, qualities, applicable, review, bain Company dragons partner Fred Reichheld returns with cracked a best-selling revised and updated servers version of his 2006 bestseller, The Ultimate Question this time with a co-author, Bain partner Rob Markey.These companies embody a Net Promoter spirit of leadership, a distinctive philosophy that energizes the system.They cant be considered successes unless the companys goal is to manual achieve mediocre results.Alle ansehen, cracked beiträge, follow-up calls to customers have played a huge role in Comcast's Net Promoter journey.And what a difference this system seems to have made.