Note: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express includes both 32-bit express and 64-bit versions.
Issues As previously stated, depending on your configuration (Microsoft unfortunately is not forthcoming about the with exact details you may wish to install KB2793634 to fix tools the installer issue.
959184 n/a An unhandled exception occurs in the Microsoft.NET with Framework when you install a second instance of SQL Server 2012.
887062 n/a FIX: SQL Server service pack applies English to certain features even though these features are installed by using a localized language.On, install Setup Files, the setup program is installing some files, just wait for few seconds.So if you plan to use SQL Server remotely (connect tools from other computer you have to configure Windows firewall later.Setup Support Rules, it checks for problems.There express is a separate with image file for x86 and x64 architectures.Download the following file from the "download" section on this page to your device: once the download is complete, click RUN to begin the installation process immediately or save to install at a later time.978657 n/a You cannot publish a business rule when the rule contains a "Equals a Concatenated Value" or "Must be Unique" action, and the selected attribute name has more than 128 characters.

1017627 n/a Relationship staging tables do not have an index in the BatchTag column.
On Server Configuration, select patch an user account for running SQL Server service.
Insert fails" error when you insert manual the null value into a column that allows for code in the tblStgErrorDetail table.861978 n/a An error occurs, and you cannot twin find the SQL Server Reporting Services instance that you want to upgrade.954328 n/a "An unexpected error occurred during the last correction process" error when you try to run DQS data cleansing in SQL Server 2012.By default, Windows sniper authentication mode is selected and the current user is added as SQL Server administrator already.881023 n/a An unhandled exception occurs when you try to sign victory in to a Data Quality Project in DQS.However sniper there are certain other issues which are detailed in the Release Notes (linked below) of which you should be aware before installing SP1: 1) Reinstallation of SQL Server Failover Cluster - This will fail if reinstalling on a node in a failover cluster.Download section on this page above, using your DVD-burning software, select the options to burn a DVD from.ISO image.878653 n/a "IsolatedStorageException" exception when you try to access an entity in Master Data Services in InPrivate Browsing mode in Internet Explorer.Download files are available in both.iso (DVD-image) format,.box format server and.exe format in both the slipstream edition (complete 2012 installation with SP1 included) and SP1 standalone version.

880233 n/a Setting validation does not report the correct setting that causes a failure in SQM and sql server 2012 sp1 express with tools in Watson.
Database Engine Services and uncheck the other features.