Special effects: author flying (like UFO) and upside-down-drivable cars (like Rotor).
Allows to create/play more elaborated User tracks (Custom tracks).
nointro version lets you revolt skip the splash screens (but you want to watch them, game right?).
Additional content from the Dreamcast version brought to PC and Android.Re-Volt full version installer including patch 1207, re-Volt.2 (rv1.2a15.0420, this version is an add-on, download the full version of Re-Volt to use it (keep in mind, that.2 add-on is no longer used in multiplayer games, you should use rvgl to play online).Audio, from the whistle of a launching bottle rocket to the chittering of sprinklers on the lawn the effects.Gameplay, Controls, Interface, at its heart, re-Volt is a racing game game.Improved AI and improved gameplay stability, especially on high end systems.The fans have been keeping the game alive through hell or high water since 2004, working through the wilderness and the hazards of having version a mobile developer pick up the IP in 2010.".Furthermore, there are several hidden features that can only be unlocked by taking certain actions while playing the game, thereby guaranteeing rewards at every twist and turn.The RV-Team, and especially Huki and jigebren, have done a lot of work to get this 17-year old game to work on modern platforms and were nice enough to allow us to make a port for odroids too.".Read more, rVGL featured on PandoraLive, full rVGL Makes Racing Fun on the Pandora "Probably the best racing game you will ever get on Pandora." ".even though the game is, frankly, old, it still looks great to this day.

Patch 1207 (no-CD patch) only for archiving purposes turns off the invaders CD check turns off in game music the crack rest is the same as the 0916 patch.
Although the computer AI can use some help (I pass computer-controlled cars that become amusingly "stuck" in scenery on more than one occasion the game offers enough beauty and brains to satisfy everyone - including a few multiplayer modes.
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Most tracks have two different routes built in, and winning any of the four Championships allows you to unlock new tracks and cars and replay the tracks in both reverse and mirror modes.If youre looking for a fast paced game with fun gameplay take this one out for a spin - youll be hooked.With cars ranging from high-powered nascar look-alikes to designs reminiscent of classic RC racers, the game provides hours of racing fun.Enable them from Game Settings - Multiplayer CPU.It even manages to go one better than real RC racing - youre not limited in where you can drive your cars.Type with élan - dead keys and AltGr are supported natively.Check the Documentation player for more info.Read more, rVGL on the Re-Volt I/O blog.Pro Tip: Type a quick message while racing by pressing the F12 key.Players have already started posting tracks on the web, so even if you get tired of the courses included in the game theres plenty of action available.Other scenery like staircases, curbs, toys, and plants also fit in correctly and look realistic.If you wanna take Re-Volt to the next level, go here dark and give it.".Each car manual has its own weight, movement acceleration, and top speed.Netplay: Low latency Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, spectating and lobby support.Check out Top Graded Tracks and Top Graded Cars.

Play multiplayer up to 12 players.
The cars are split into two categories (Electric, and Glow) and are then divided between Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-Pro, and Pro, based mainly on speed.
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