powerline 900s owner manual

This is the owner grounding wire for the owner AC line.
Note that there are 5 owner terminals.
Jumper cable, that plugs into the manual power distribution board.There should be 15VDC on the OUT, and 15VDC on the OUT terminals.Try the Alpha FitGun.E) Wait about 10 full seconds for the solder and terminal owner to cool.Note that the supply does not care if your AC line frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.Synthesis technology page 7 8 Congratulations!Synthesis technology page 6 7 The secret to getting a good connection on these terminals is applying enough heat to get the solder to flow evenly around the wire and terminal.Synthesis technology page 3 4 Attach the AC connector to the front panel, with the fuse drawer powerline on the bottom side.B) Slide manual a piece of the small heat-shrink tubing on the wire.Please note this chart is printed on the side of the Power One supply.

Don t use too much force or you could loosen the with terminal from the remote transformer.
Note: the supply is oriented so that the transformer (that big heavy black box thing) is towards the bottom.
Shrink the tubing on these terminals.
Wrap the excess wire positioning around the terminal tightly.
Slip the ring terminal over the protruding threads.Phase 1: Power input switch and user fuseholder.Now comes the hardest (and most critical!) part of the kit: soldering the 3 wires from the power distribution board to the Power One manual terminals.We will insert the wire into the hole and solder.THE AC input terminals carry lethal voltages when movidrive power.Homelink and Car2U compatible.Garage door opener models, powerMax table 1200/1500, SC 1200/1500, TriloG, tM 1200/1500, PowerLift 900, GPower.Phase 2: Wiring to the power supply 1) table The motm-900 uses a pre-assembled, pre-tested Power One linear supply.Then, using a pair of needle-nosed pliers, grab the nut and slide it under the transformer.