If the string contains no characters, it is resolved when Exim starts.
Hard to understand your goal, but try next code snippet: null @echo off Nul setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion for /f "delims" a in dp0files extlead_r.txt pipe do ( rem the same file null in next line rem set /p key lead_r.txt set /p key a, eCHO!key!
The contents of the prefix and suffix options are written verbatim, so must contain their own carriage return characters if these are needed.
See chapter 13 for details of the local delivery environment.
Reading a file with for statment - Batch.However, there are circumstances where existing commands (for example,.forward' files) expect to be run under a shell and cannot easily be modified.This is intended as a safety measure batch to catch runaway processes.You want to call the get function.Max_output (pipe) Type: integer Default: 20K This specifies the maximum amount of output that the command may produce on its standard output and standard error file combined.Otherwise, the string is expanded at the time the transport null is run, and must yield either null a digit string or a name which null can be looked up using getpwnam.A pipe transport batch can also be used from a router as a pseudo-remote transport for passing messages for remote delivery by some means other than Exim.

The home directory is the user's home directory by default.
An alternative food is to run the pipe as a pipe crack specific user such as mail or exim, but in this case you must arrange for procmail to trust that user to supply a correct sender address.
This is less secure, but is needed in some situations where the command is expected action to be run under a shell and cannot easily be modified.The max_output option controls how much output the command may produce, and the return_output and return_fail_output options control what is done with.String expansion is applied to the command line except manuals when it comes from a traditional.forward' file (commands from a filter file are batch expanded).The expansion is done in this way, argument by argument, so that the number of arguments cannot be changed as a result, and"s or backslashes in inserted variables do not interact with external"ng.Log_defer_output (pipe) Type: boolean Default: false If this option is set, and the status returned by the command is one of the codes listed in temp_errors (that is, delivery was deferred and any output was produced, the first line of it is written to the.Syntax instead of key one.The string is expanded at the time the transport is run.It action has been replaced by check_string and escape_string.Note that the command that the pipe transport runs does not begin with IFS" " as shown action in the procmail documentation, because Exim does not by default use a shell to run pipe commands.

If you don't specify either a group or a user option, the pipe command is run as the local user.
With the code exactly as it is below it seems as if the code always assumes pipe to null batch that the 1 is null for some reason, regardless if a switch is actually specified or not.
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