Take the cane from Conor (click on wrote the cane below his hand).
Unlock the door murder with the ART gallery KEY.
Select Book One: Masterpiece of Murder.
From the main screen, click Play.
A flashlight is added to your inventory.Click on the symbols in the order shown on the card.Remove game the cloth, then game take the chisel.Use the magnet on the bottle to extract the key.Click on two screens to swap their positions.Slide the poster under the door.Pry it open with the crowbar.Solution: To solve this puzzle, start from the beginning (leave the puzzle, if necessary then murder (from left to right move dial 4 until it shows a 9, then move dial 1 until it shows an 8 and murder dial 2 game shows a 0, then move dial.

Use the professional knife to cut open the patch.
Put the paint code in the clip at the top left (A).
Click addicted on addicted the microscopes lens.
Use the pass on the Green Gaelic Pub.
Solution: The password note and print OUT are added to your inventory.Add the manuscript photo.Click on the crates in front of the door.Present Shawn with the evidence against shawn.Each disc camera contains one letter from the cipher.Put the paint brush in the keyhole.The items are different each game so walkthrough only the inventory starter item vita will be indicated by a yellow highlight in the screenshots.Click on the couch cushions.

Enter the murder she wrote 2 game walkthrough Law Office.
Take the paintbrush (C) and dip it into the paint sample (B) and wipe the brush on the white card at the top right (D).
Add the legal documents.