_ note: Units with external electric fuel pump limits pressure to 3639 psi.
Shift Stabilizer Circuit _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The shift stabilizer circuit ( not used on all models is designed to increase the idle to timing approximately 2 degrees when the engine is shifted into gear.
Determine nonworking (no RPM change) cylinder.
The injectors auto tip has mercury holes that control the fuel flow, generating a conical spray pattern of repair finely atomized fuel at the injector tip.
The water sensing module has four repair wires: Purple - Connects to 12 volt power supply.Troubleshooting idle stabilizer shift system When outboard is idling IN neutral, shift switch circuit is in the open position and system is inactive.Set the DDTs data monitor to read coolant temp.The fuel pump does not have its manual negative terminal (-) red/purple wire auto grounded to the pump housing.Note: An ignition ECM failure will not activate the warning mercury horn as the warning signal originates from the ignition ECM._ _ _ _ _ The DDT can monitor switch function.Mercury outboard service/repair manual - seloc.The EFI system requires a substantial amount of voltage to function properly.Home auto Repair Service Manuals mercury, the Most Expensive Parts of the Car to Repair.

_ basic engine head temperature para sensor This sensor provides the EFI ECM with signals related to basic engine temperature to determine level of fuel enrichment during engine warm-up.
When detonation is management initially detected, timing is retarded.
_ Use DVA meter (91-99750).
Perform induction manifold disassembly and inspection following.
The ECM receives a signal from the crank position sensor to fire each injector accordingly.A) Connect Remote Starter Switch zebra Quicksilver tutorial (P/N 9152024A1)._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Notes.4L.5L - Troubleshooting Tips _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1) Intermittent, weak or no spark output at 2 spark plugs (one plug manual from each bank of three cylinders).Torque plug to the specified value.Important: TPS can be adjusted using a digital meter.

Ignition timing will not advance if: _ Knock sensor fails.
3) Fuel Pressure Regulator Inlet Unused fuel/oil mixture being recirculated from the 4) pump back into the vapor separator.
_ _ 14632A13 - SST 824003A16 _ 1991 mercury auto repair manual Mercury 200 XRi -.5 litre.