manual or autofocus for sports

Oct 3, 2017, if your autofocus camera lens is not good in low light focusing sports then manual focus is your only best bet.
F-stops of manual manual around f/2 to f/2.8 are generally considered optimal in terms of focusing speed sports and accuracy.
The intensity difference between adjacent pixels of the autofocus sensor naturally increases with correct image focus.
Even then, contrast-detect is more likely to be accurate overall, although the differences arent enough to ruin a photo.Since the effective measurement autofocus basis is an optical property of the actual implementation, it cannot be changed easily.Despite the benefits of autofocus, there are plenty of reasons why you may still want to use manual focus for landscape photography. Manual focus is fine. .

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Nikon D mm f/4 @ 100mm, ISO 64,.4 seconds, f/16.0.
Also be careful the aperture dial gets bumped easily!
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Extended precision comes sports from version the wider effective measurement base of the "range finder".Active patch autofocus system via infrared - Canon AF35M (1979) Early passive autofocus system integrated in the lens with Pentax ME-F (1981) Modern (2014) autofocus single lens reflex camera Trap focus edit A method variously referred to as trap focus, focus trap, or catch-in-focus uses autofocus. Also be careful the aperture dial gets bumped easily! .5 Currently it is used by Fujifilm wshelp FinePix Series, sports 6 Fujifilm X100S, Ricoh, Nikon 1 series, Canon EOS 650D/Rebel crack T4i and Samsung NX300.Trap focus is also possible on some Pentax (e.g.Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras typically used contrast-measurement autofocus, although phase detection has become the norm on most mirrorless cameras giving them significantly better AF tracking performance compared to contrast detection.A rare example of an early hybrid system is the combination of an active IR or ultrasonic auto-focus system with a version passive phase-detection system. I think ISO 800 to 6400 will do just fine. .With passive systems this will generally not be a problem, unless the window is stained.Applied Photographic Optics Ralph Jacobson, Sidney Ray, Geoffrey G Attridge, Norman Axford.In autofocus mode, the photographer doesn't have to do anything.

The system uses a beam splitter (implemented as a small semi-transparent area of the main reflex mirror, coupled with a small secondary mirror) to manual or autofocus for sports direct light to an AF sensor at the bottom of the camera.
A notable exception is Canon digital cameras with Dual Pixel cmos.