Blocking these openings can manual cause lbp- the printer to overheat.
These openings are provided for proper ventilation of working parts inside the printer.
Caution Do not use power manual supplies with voltages other than those specied herein, as this may result in shot a re or electrical sho.
4-3 Replacing the Toner Cartridge.This equipment laser generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to rad.Vii How To Use This Manual.Using an extension cord may result in a re or electrical shock.Has determined that this product meets the energy star Program for energy efciency.If an extension cord must be used, however, use one rated for voltages of AC 230 V and over and untie the cord binding and insert the power plug completely into impresora the extension cord outlet to ensure a rm connection between the power and extension.Vii Abbreviations Used in This Manual.Also, since it may result in unexpected accidents or injuries, do not perform any canon operation unless otherwise specied in the manual.Do not store toner cartridges or copy paper in places exposed to open ames, as this may cause the toner or paper to ignite, resulting in burns or.Selecting Paper Delivery.2-8 Face-Down lbp- Delivery.2-9 Face-Up Delivery.2-9 Printing from the Multi-Purpose Tray.Vii Symbols Used in This Manual.

The program backs the excel development and converter dissemination of products with functions that effectively manual reduce energy consumption.
4-10 Handling Toner Cartridges.
Features and Benets.1-2 Parts and Their Functions.1-4 Parts of the Printer.
For this reason, laser radiation emitted inside this printer is hermetically sealed within the protective housing and external cover.
No radiation can leak from the printer in the normal operation of the product by camfrog the user.A location exposed to smoke and steam, such as near stoves and humidiers.A location exposed to rain and snow.Contact Us, contact us for telephone excel or E-mail support.If these items are excel ingested, consult a physician immediately.Never place the printer on a soft surface, such as a sofa or rug.Canon ID, registre su camfrog producto y gestione su cuenta de Canon.Reparación, busque un centro de reparación y otra información útil relacionada con nuestro proceso de reparación.