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An Underwriters' Laboratories listed vent cap is required to prevent downdraft and allow the heater to function properly and safely.General Information factory, or local factory representative, with any questions regarding this equipment.If this.It is If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call equipped with an ignition device which the fire department.Model LLG LLD Pool manual and Spa Heater Page 17 Note: When using metal pipe as heat sink, join metal and PVC/cpvc, using metal male and PVC/cpvc female connection.In the United States there must be a teledyne hollow masonry no less than 4 inches (102 millimeters minimum of 4 feet (1.22 m) horizontally or vertically mm) thick, covered with sheet metal at least 24 gauge between the heater and any door, glass opening,.This is the time when nightly heat loss balances.

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LLD shared Connection/Schematic Wiring Diagram.
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General Information either United States or Canadian installations, and are Install the Laars Lite heaters in accordance with labeled as such.Gas Supply and Piping.This manual provides installation and operation.Use only your hand to push in or turn the gas exactly.In guide Canada, derate BTU/Hr input and output 10 percent for altitudes of 2,000 shared to 4,500 feet (609 to 1372 m) above sea level.Model LLG LLD Pool and Spa Heater Page firmware 5 burners must be 18 inches (457 mm) above the garage floor.The masonry must be laid with ends unsealed, and joints matched.Remove cpvc nipples from plastic bag.Slowly turn the pressure switch adjustment screw counter-clockwise one-quarter turn.The CS-02 remote An interrupt (on/off) type remote can be control permits switching from one dota temperature connected by removing the jumper wire on the terminal controller to the other and turning the heater on and block located in the control compartment (see off from.