Signal to noise ratio: 95dB (line).
Sprzęt jest w 100 sprawny.
Jego wiele rozbudowanych funkcji daje manual duże możliwości ustawienia go pod własne upodobania.
Finally, we briefly compared the 449 AVR 125 to its bigger brother, the 549 AVR 225, and we heard little difference between them.OK, HK deleted a few standard features, such as a phono input, component-video connections, and A/B speaker switching, but the six digital inputs and the fully adequate video/audio connectivity options should satisfy most buyers.Detail resolution kardon and air kardon kardon kardon were excellent.It piles on another 10 watts per channel and has onscreen displays, more inputs and outputs, and EzSet functionality, which automates speaker setup to a small degree.Front-panel digital and A/V inputs are ideally situated for gamers and video-camera users, and the color-coded speaker connectors should reduce the possibility of mixing kardon up cable hookups.But if you're an audiophile or just want to eke out a bit more volume, the 225 is the way.The receiver lacks an onscreen display, so we relied on the unit's front panel for information.Open your ears, the Talking Heads'.Saving Private Ryan did reveal the AVR 125's power limitations but only when we played the system manual at fairly high levels.Wysokiej klasy amplituner manual kina domowego Harman/Kardon AVR 130/230.

Sonics are remarkably neutral-they're warm, though not as lush as the kardon Denon receivers and they're richer and fuller kardon manual than those of kardon the Pioneer and Yamaha models that we've heard.
Amazingly enough, budgetary constraints don't hamper the performance of Harman Kardon's overachieving entry-level receiver, the AVR 125.
Weight:.8kg, accessories: remote control, kardon year: 2005, downloads.With the home-theater tests squared away, we next listened to a lovely Igor Kipnis harpsichord recital, The kardon Virtuoso Scarlatti, to see how the AVR 125 presented the exquisite sounds of this historic instrument.Entry-level receiver with high-end sound, the AVR 125 is HK's least expensive receiver, but the company didn't scrimp on build quality.Al Green's, greatest Hits on his new DVD-A release sounded very alive and gutsy.Surround output: 45W (front kardon 45W (center 45W (rear).A quick note about the remote: The slender, preprogrammed clicker is partially backlit, and its different-sized and -shaped buttons are nicely organized.Jest to jeden z wyższych modeli Harman/Kardon.

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The 125 is a very good deal for kardon avr 125 manual those setting up a modest home theater.