Advanced metrics, thresholds, and alerts, not management only making incident management more efficient, but making it better team for the people involved, consistent, defined communication methods that optimize workflows, improve incident visibility, and make handbook incident management suck less.
Not only should management the alert be routed to the proper person in a timely manner, but the alert needs to come with actionable context.
We typically define four different levels of incident management maturity: Reactive, little to no visibility or awareness of your systems performance.
When management something goes wrong, whether it's an outage or a broken feature, team members need to respond immediately and restore service.How was the issue detected, responded to, and resolved?Google, we've handbook created this handbook as a summary of Atlassian's handbook incident management process.While its based on our unique experiences, we hope it can be adapted to suit the needs of your own team.

Truly holistic incident management means youre analyzing past incidents shadows and shadows using the information to prepare for future ones, expediting the entire process.
Fully understanding the actions taken (on-call team response, team alert shadows escalations, communication, etc.
Stage 3: Remediation Your incident management software should act as a single pane of shadows glass of data for anything from current system reliability to new deploys to production.Build, maintain, and collaborate around software that enables your team to seamlessly address incidents and lower mtta/mttr.This process is suite called incident management, and its an ongoing, complex challenge for companies big and small.Consistent cross-functional, end-to-end collaboration and communication methods and alert routing functionality.All incidents flow through the incident management life cycle, but expediting the process is in your hands.Using ChatOps tools and workflows will allow multiple teams and people to collaborate around incidents.When youre responsible for maintaining the systems you create, youll be more cognizant of building something stable.