Replacement chain: RK525 SM3 or DID525 V7 (112 LE) link: 112 Links Page 3-13 lubrication AND cleaning When the drive chain becomes extremely dirty, it should be cleaned prior to lubrication.
Turn the throttle stop screw as required to obtain the specified idle speed.
If necessary, remove the reserve tank cap.
Check the rubber manual pad on the side honda stand for deterioration and wear.
Check the entire fork leg assembly for signs of leaks or damage.Crankcase breather The crankcase service breather drain; air cleaner case drain tube is behind the side stand.If the level is visible, check pad wear first; replace the pads if necessary.Certain items (particularly those marked * and may require more technical information and tools.Check the rear brake fluid level; if it is near the lower line, check pad wear first; replace the pads if necessary.Evaporative emission control manual system (California model only) Check the hoses between the fuel tank, canister, purge control valve (PCV air vent control valve (avcv and carburetor for deterioration, damage or loose honda connections.Chain adjustment Loosen the eccentric bearing carrier pinch bolt.Note: Service more frequently when the motorcycle has been ridden in rain, at full throttle, manual manual or after it is washed manual or overturned.Evaporative emission, control system (California model only) 3-11, maintenance schedule 3-3 engine chassis fuel line 3-4, drive chain 3-12, throttle operation 3-4, brake fluid 3-13.Replace every 2 years, or at indicated odometer interval, whichever comes first.AIR cleaner Remove the fuel tank ( page 4-3 ).Avoid spilling the fluid on painted, plastic or rubber parts.

Disconnect the gauge and adapters and install the removed parts.
Work in a well-ventilated games area with the engine stopped.
Lubricate only with SAE #80 or games 90 gear oil.Radiator coolant 3-9 wheels/tires 3-17 cooling system 3-10 steering dvd-r head bearings 3-18 cylinder compression 3-10 secondary AIR supply system (California model only) 3-11 service information warning Support the motorcycle on the center stand on a level machine surface before starting any work.Page service 3-6 Remove the air cleaner element.Tighten the adjuster lock nut and recheck the brake light switch operation.C: crack Clean R: Replace L: Lubricate item / frequency notes odometer reading (note 1) emissions-related items x 1,000.Also, replace the element any time it is excessively dirty or damaged.Stáhnout, katalog díl na Honda NT650 Hawk.Nalezeno onda nt parts catalog 14 MB (pdf).Check the canister for cracks deterioration, or other damage.Tighten the eccentric bearing carrier pinch bolt.Rear vista brake pedal Check the rear brake pedal height.