The default is false, which causes evolution getmail to raise an exception if it is asked to run an external command as root.
What is a "multidrop" mailbox?
Brokenuidlpop3Retriever This retriever class is intended serial only for use serial with broken POP3 servers that either do not implement the uidl command, or which do not properly assign evolution unique identifiers to messages (preventing getmail from evolution determining which messages it has seen serial before).Getmail is designed to be serial secure, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use.Imap servers typically mark a message as seen if peek is not used to retrieve the message content.The default is False.Multidropimapsslretriever same as Multidropimapretriever, but uses SSL encryption.This can be useful if you do not want large messages causing large bursts of network traffic.

This program should run as the user log, and command arguments should tell it to record runner the info to /var/log/mail/info destination type MultiSorter default doesn't matter, this won't be used, as locals will always match locals ( jeff 'jeff bob 'bob alice 'alice.
Warnung Es ist nicht sicher, Klartext-Passwörter ohne Verschlüsselung zu verwenden, auch wenn runner Ihr Internet-Diensteanbieter dies erlaubt.
This is not supported by many POP3 servers.
Destinations are specified in plextor the same manner as with the "default" parameter, above.
runner Using this option without knowing what serial you are doing can reduce the effectiveness of your encrypted connection.How do I know if I have one?The destination can be a maildir, mboxrd file, or other destination.Liste grundlegender MTA-Operationen exim-Befehl postfix-Befehl Beschreibung sendmail sendmail Mails von der Standardeingabe lesen und für die Zustellung vorbereiten (-bm) mailq mailq Die Mail-Warteschlange auflisten mit Status und Queue-ID (-bp) newaliases newaliases Initialisieren der Alias-Datenbank (-I) exim4 -q postqueue -f Wartende Mails zustellen (-q) exim4 -qf.The default value is /var/qmail/bin/qmail-local.Record_mailbox ( boolean ) whether to add a header field to retrieved messages, containing the name of the selected mailbox that the message was retrieved from.Liste von Konfigurationsdateien für Mail-Adressen Datei Funktion Applikation /etc/mailname Standard-Rechnername für (ausgehende) Mails Debian-spezifisch, mailname(5) /etc/email-addresses Änderung update des Rechnernamens für ausgehende Mails exim(8)-spezifisch, exim4-config_files(5) games /etc/postfix/generic Änderung des Rechnernamens für ausgehende Mails postfix(1)-spezifisch, aktiviert nach Ausführung des postmap(1)-Befehls /etc/aliases Kontonamen-Alias für eingehende Mails Grundlegend, aktiviert nach.The default is (0, ).Brokenuidlpop3Retriever for broken POP3 servers that do not support the uidl command, or which do not uniquely identify messages; this provides basic support for single-user POP3 mail accounts on such servers.The following substrings will be substituted with the equivalent values from the message: (sender) envelope return-path address If the message is retrieved with a multidrop retriever class, the message recipient (and parts of it) are also available with the following replacement substrings: (recipient) envelope recipient.If you do not know what type of file locking your system expects, ask your system administrator.Bei "IP-Adressen, an denen eingehende smtp-Verbindungen erwartet werden" wählen Sie den Standardwert " ; :1".Allow_root_commands ( boolean ) see Filter_classifier for definition.