"Cadillac" was founded in 1902, at the manual dawn of cadillac the twentieth century.
Its founder, Henry Leland, chief mechanic and manual entrepreneur, named the company after repair his ancestor, the founder of Detroit - Antoine de Lamothe-Kadilyaka.
Today there is no difference between the new general model represents a Cadillac, like, repair CTS-V, the fastest sedan in the world of mass general production, and many other world-class car.
Overall - a typical pattern for this class of machine.In 1988, the "Cadillac" introduced.5-liter V8 engine with an aluminum cylinder block, proved to be very reliable, often these engines look good after more than 250 000 miles (400 000 km) run.Please call us at, or write: Cadillac Customer Assistance Center.It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michaels, the entrance to the art group "Ant Farm and was (during the initial installation in 1974) of the used and discarded "Cadillac" of cars representing the evolutionary ranks Car lines (the motors most.Reports suggest that the latter will receive a price tag of up to 125 000 USD, and will be positioned as the crowning achievements of the Cadillac.Technical innovation this year was the use of the power steering as standard equipment of cars.It is not only the image - Cimarron for many customers was the last acquired a Cadillac, so uncomfortable was their feeling of «Cavalier for double the price." All J-body were front-wheel with a monocoque body, had a wheelbase of 2570 mm (up to 1995).

" This new design self language spread from the manual original CTS across the good model range, right up to the XLR roadster.
In 1996, the Northstar engine capacity was lost increased to 300 horsepower (the Concours on the cars the DeVille, the Eldorado the Touring the Coupe, the STS Seville You.
In the first week of comic May 1999 we were issued a public confession and apology to the representative of GM Jim Farmer, recognized that the cause of elevated results were "a combination of internal control deficiencies and excessive fanaticism on the part of the members.
Cadillac offered a fiber driver warning system refusal bulbs.In 1918, Cadillac introduced the first two-plane crankshaft comic for the V8 engines.Cadillac is currently using the slogan: "Life, Liberty and the pursuit in connection with the inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.Henry Leland worked as a mechanic at an arms arsenal in Springfield during the Civil War.In 1908, an important innovation was comic the use of interchangeable parts.From 1997 to 2001, the proposed model Cadillac the Catera, almost literally copying method of creating Cimarron: was taken Opel Omega MV6 with a 3-liter V6 and is complemented by numerous "de space luxe" options and emblems "Cadillac" and impressively reworked rear part in a purely.The first relatively massive car with a V8 engine was the Cadillac models in 1914.Even General Douglas MacArthur used as the official car Cadillac Series.Then, in this role, Cadillac made the first, but certainly not the last time.In 1927, Cadillac introduced the body design development (as opposed to the projected designers).Min and torque of 240 Nm (180 ft-lb of force which allowed its vehicles to reach the speed of 65 miles per hour."Cadillac" was the first automotive company to receive the Baldrige National Award, and until 1997 was the only car manufacturer to be awarded this assessment."Cadillac" was the epitome of prestige of General Motors, engaging production of large class "luxury" cars.

Interior with leather seating really carried on "kadillakovskom" quality level, but with the exception of the extended instrument panel with tachometer, of materials used, improved noise reduction and quality of the finish was very similar to Cavalier'ovsky.
Airbags for the driver were installed on some models general motors cadillac repair manual of Cadillacs from 1974 to 1976.