game zombie infection 240x400

Save New York from bloodthirsty zombies, as a military officer, a news reporter, and a hand-to-hand combat specialist.
Download, for 240x400 with touchscreen LG, download 320x240.
Cheats: Type #1979 on main menu for God Mode!The scale of the zombie battle ahead huge, but using tricks, cool weapons and the rest of the ammunition with grenades you far away you go!You must to destroy it!Posted: 22:31, released Games: 2010, producer: Gameloft, genres: Tags: About game: Zombie Infection 2 to continue on its way, destroying everything in their path!Malumot : New York, 2011.D.Interesting moments of the game: 3 characters with different abilities and skills an impressive graphics with colorful effects, realistic explosions a wide range of choice of weapons (flame infection throwers, grenades, pistols, game and much more) zombie the variety of enemies: a zombie hunters, bats the constant change.Place all of the walking corpses back to the earth and save mankind from extinction!Kill hundreds of zombies and complete 36 missions to save the world and become a hero!Save game New York from a virus attack that turns people into infection bloodthirsty zombies.The tests will be in the literal sense of hell - all the zombies, and even in the form of sharks, bats and other abominations game will be trying to eat you.Free download game Zombie Infection.

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Use all the awesome weapons at your disposal: Rocket launcher, Katana, Grenades, Laser Gun, Machine Gun and more to complete your assignments.
Download 240x320 S40, download 240x320 for Nokia S40, download 240x320 S60.
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Download 128x160, download 176x208, download 176x208 for Nokia, download 240x320, download 240x320 for Motorola.You are part of the Inside the Action team and while patrolling, you realize that a virus was released.Zombie Infection 2 - interesting free java best game.On the site of a large list of screen sizes of the game Zombie Infection 2 - 128x160, 176x208, 176x208, 240x320, 240x320, 240x320, 240x320, 240x320, 240x400, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640, 480x800!You can download many mobile games on your cell phone absolutely read free!The game takes place deep in the jungle, not far read from the secret laboratory, where is the source of the disease.Only three of the guys - the most daring and courageous, ready to fight with a numerous army of the dead.Download 352x416, download, for 360x640 with touchscreen, download, for 480x800 with touchscreen, other java games with tags Adventures, Shooting and Action: Download exciting java game from Gameloft - Zombie Infection 2 on your mobile phone and play.That changes people into dangerous creatures.