Fvtmnbz - all cars and people from the countryside.
Effect PS2 PC Xbox Xbox 360 Aggressive drivers ylteicz alldriversarecriminals* Right, Rb, andreas Up, Up, Rb, B, andreas X, Rb, Lt, Right, Down, Lt Aggressive traffic ylteicz Rb, B, Rt, grand Lb, Left, Rt, Lt, Rb, Lb Beach party theme ( CJ's outfit is changed to theft Victim olive.
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Also, often, sometimes it's just nice to fly on a plane on a vast state andreas andreas in good weather, but as always happens in this case the weather is raining or in the sky high cloudiness.Lfgmhal - Mega jumps.Killed all the neighboring gangs and bored?Whole list of codes and cheats for GTA San Andreas.All vehicles spawn in all black, behaving identically to the black traffic cheat.Also, when you only game recruit peds, they will fire at the street criminals too.Bekknqv Slut Magnet, worshipme Respect Maxed, theft cvwkxam Lung Capacity Maxed.

Naturaltalent Vehicle Skills Maxed, bringiton Wanted Level Maxed, rocketman Jetpack.
Enabling "All Cars Explode" cheat in some gameplay cutscenes in some missions manual will cause the screen to andreas freeze and the player will be stuck in the cutscene mode.
Also, random cars source will explode gateway as soon as CJ is within spawning distance of them.Munasef Adrenal Mode, iojufzn Riot Mode, jcnruad Smash N Boom.Pggomoy - perfect control.Pedestrians Have Weapons manual Cheat code: R2, R1, X, Triangle, converter X, Triangle, Up, Down Peds Attack with Guns Cheat code: X, L1, Up, Square, Down, X, L2, Triangle, Down, R1, L1, L1 Ninja Pedestrians Cheat code: X, X, Down, R2, L2, Circle, R1, Circle, Square Pink.They will drive in Admirals, Feltzers and Sentinels.Note that the PlayStation 2 and Xbox require demigod the use of the D-Pad (up, down, left, right (note: this is not the analog stick) for directional input.Criminal Rating to 40 note: Enabling the "Health and Armor" cheat during the bike chase.One such cube programs is called Game Keyboard and, you guessed it, adds a keyboard into the game.Enabling the "Lock Wanted Level" cheat will cause a glitch on the Mike Toreno mission stopping the script after the red marker (unless the "Lock Wanted Level" cheat is disabled).