fax panasonic kx-fl501 manual

Sending a fax using ONE-touch dial and JOG dial!
Let it lean kx-fl back until it clicks into place ( Paper tray 1 Document exit 1 2 ).
2 4, 2 8, panasonic 3 5 ).
41Other options You need to manual subscribe to Distinctive kx-fl Ring Service.L T o s t o r e a s e t t i n g d u r i n g p r o g r a m m i.Receiving fax calls Thefax machine willreceive documentsautomatically whenthe machine detects afaxcalling tone.Printing and erasing the Caller ID list!Sending report SND: Sent directly.Silent fax recognition ring count The fax machine generates audible rings to indicate that it is receiving a voice call.Pull manual the document stacker forward gently until it clicks into place ( ).Document and recording paper will manual be ejected from the front of the unit.Front cover Lower glass 6 Tap on the toner cartridge several times to allow the toner to fall into the drum unit.Start reading Panasonic Kx kx-fl Fl501 Operating Instruction Manual Related Manuals for Panasonic Kx Fl501 Operating Instruction Manual All Panasonic manuals Newsletter Keep up with our always upcoming product features and technologies.

Open the special paper stacker extender.
Display: lThe ringer should be handbook on (p.
This signal will not ring at an corolla extension.
L The paper stacker can hold approx.
6 3 2 Setting up monstros the fax machine and an answering machine 4 5 481 Using with an answering machine and computer!Printed Reports Reference lists and reports!Friendly reception feature When you answer a call and hear a fax calling tone (slow beep the unit will automatically start fax reception.Example: This is (your name, business and/or telephone number).Select the same ring pattern assigned to the facsimile number.To set TEL/FAX mode t feature #77 to TEL/FAX.83Index pfqx1456YA 84Free peace of mind, direct from Panasonic NO extra cost Free overnight replacement 1-year limited warranty : parts, labor, and toll-free help line and repair panasonic program vantagogram Panasonic FAX advantage program The Panasonic Fax Advantage Consumer Service Program.100 sheets of printed paper.L T o s t o p a n special basic o p e handbook r a t i o n o r c a n c e l p r o g r a m m i.3 8, 4 1 ).(answering all calls manually) Activating TEL mode Receiving a fax manually FAX only mode!Caution: lRead the instructions below before you begin installation.FAX start Handset Display FAX start OFF stop To stop receiving Press.Home Panasonic Fax Machine Panasonic Kx Fl501 Operating Instruction Manual.LThis will allow the answering machine to answer the call first.

Initiating voice contact Sending a fax manually!
Receiving Faxes 1, when the unit rings, lift the handset to fax panasonic kx-fl501 manual answer the call.
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