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Revision epson B Remove service the Ink System in stylus the following procedures.
Replace the Panel FFC.
Make this adjustment after installing the mechanism unit in the Housing Lower.Troubleshooting Printing epson Problems Symptom The manual carriage moves normally, but the printed image is abnormal.Examine the printout patterns and Adjustment Program to achieve higher print quality.The error does not clear, see your printer documentation.Troubleshooting manual Carriage Movement Problems Symptom Movements of the CR Unit during printing is abnormal.

Hinge, Cover nintendo Cartridge Tab Hook Figure 4-96.
Removing the media Panel Assy (2) Cover Open Sensor and CDR Sensor Cable Figure 4-23.
Ink-out - Light - No ink cartridge - Light - Wrong ink cartridge - Light - Cover open error - Flash 2 Flash 2 Note See the table for Troubleshooting A CD-R tray was not detected.
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First dot position adjustment Corrects left lion margin of printout.3.4 Troubleshooting by Symptom 43 epson Stylus Photo R280/R285/R290 Revision B!Provides a general tractor overview and specifications of the Epson Stylus Photo R280 / R285 / R290 (features, operation buttons and indicators, etc).The printer driver installed on the PC is not the one for the Stylus Photo R280/R285/R290?Upper Side manual Cover Open Sensor Connector Panel Shield Plate Back Side Hook Open Sensor Holder Rib Figure 4-33.Removing manual the CR Motor (2) Figure 4-82.Chapter 3 Troubleshooting CDR Tray.3 Troubleshooting by Error Message - 40 epson Stylus Photo R280/R285/R290 Revision B Table firewall 3- Main Board Unit(p.61).Disconnect the CDR Sensor Cable and Cover Open Sensor Cable from the connectors (CN4, king CN17) on the Main Board.The above not withstanding seiko epson corporation can assume no responsibility for any errors in this manual or the consequences thereof.Lubrication of Ink System (p.117)!1.5.1 Operation Buttons Table 1-13.Maintenance request Waste ink pads need to be replaced.Head Cover Printhead Special Tool Figure 4-48.

Removing the Main Board Figure 4-21.
Epson provides the tools listed with epson tool epson stylus r290 service manual code.