easiest and fastest way to crack wep key

If another interface started other than ath0 then crack stop all of them first by using airmon-ng stop athX where fastest X is each interface you want to stop.
There is at least one wireless client connected to the network and active.
I successfully tested m 's tutorial with the following configurations: Wireless adapter Alfa awus036H (plus a 9dBi crack antenna, namely the Alfa Wifi Antenna ARS-N19.4GHz Omni 9dBi RP-SMA(M) 39cm which is probably the most widely used wireless adapter for cracking WEP wireless networks.But there are requirements to your fastest wireless adapter.Monitor mode test, if you loaded your driver module correctly, your network adapter might already be in Monitor mode.WEP "All-in-One" attack menu item: The WEP "All-in-One" attack combines different techniques to generate enough traffic to decrypt the key (Caffe Latte, Hirte, Replay, Chop-Chop, Fragmentation, easiest Fake association, etc.If you keep getting " Sending Authentication Request " or " Sending Association Request " that keep coming back, then you are too far away from the access point or are dealing with weak signal.You'll have to close it manually Known PINs database based attack The attack described in details easiest in Effective WPS PINs attack based on known crack PIN and PIN generation algorithms.I chose "yoyo which is the network's name I'm cracking.WPS attacks menu item: There are 4 WPS attacks in airgeddon: Custom PIN association Pixie Dust attack Bruteforce PIN attack Known PINs database based attack Pixie Dust attack WPS PIN exploiting the low or non-existing entropy of some Access Points, the so-called "pixie-dust attack" discovered.Use -k and try disabling crack various korek methods.

We will be generating an arp packet for injection.
What do you have to fastest say about it?
Go back to step.Is the source mac associated?The file replay_dec.xor above can then be used in the next step to generate an arp packet.0x0050: f043 09f6 5418.C.T.How to crack WEP with Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG link mentioned above for more details.).Meaning, the AP will not process or accept the injected packets.Using Another Source MAC Address Section for instructions on dealing with using a different source MAC address.We already took you on a full screenshot tour of how to install and use BackTrack 3, the Linux Live CD that lets you do all sorts of security testing and tasks.There are some data packets coming from the access point.Now it's time for: easiest aireplay-ng -3 -b (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 (interface) Here we're creating router traffic to capture more throughput faster to speed up our crack.