e36 m3 manual transmission fluid change

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Recover Lost Password, new Customer, email, password.You pump it up to create a fluid vacuum, then open the valve on the tubing change to suck out the fluid.Do not forget to replace gasket ring when reinstalling oil strainer or when using a new one.The drain plugs on the other differential models are similar.I re-pressurized the pump and redid this step about 5 times to try and get all.Withdraw fluid the funnel and tube, wipe up spillage, remove catch basin.A complete fill.3 quarts, so manual you can transmission pour the first bottle as fast as it'll go, then slow way down.I got a gallon pump from autozone, and this one worked perfectly.The transmission creates heat itself as the gears and synchros turn within its case.

Replacement of the differential fluid is nearly identical, except you will need a city 14-millimeter Allen wrench for keygen the plugs.
Use 8mm Hex bit to remove fill bolt (must do first).
If the plug does leak manual later on, however, fluid you can always tighten it a little more.
Figure 1, shown here are the filler (green arrow) and drain plug (yellow arrow) for a typical 3-Series E36 manual transmission.
Fill transmission with MTF-LT-2 fluid through the fill hole.It patch should take a little more than 1 quart to fill.For this task, have a drain pan capable of handling at least 5 quarts of transmission oil.Password must be at least 8 characters.Add To Cart, number free Shipping on orders 49 and up, bMW E36 M3 S52.2L Fluid - Pentosin.95.The amount of particles in the fluid that came out convinced me that this was worth the effort: Factory fill transmission fluid after 1200 miles.When you have the plug removed, stick your finger inside the hole, angle it toward the ground, and see if you can feel any fluid.I asked Redline about this and they recommended 75w90 for this application, as it would run a little cooler.Could not verify your account.Figure 3, swepco 201 is the gold standard for transmission oil and is used by racers and BMW owners worldwide, many of whom swear it gives new life to old worn-out transmissions.Partly due to the poor quality crack pump and some spillage, one quart would not have been enough even though I believe the capacity is just fluid under a quart.Put the transmission cover back on with screws.I got this tubing on a rubber bulb hand pump at autozone.I let it cool down a little so the chances of getting burned are lower.Some people use hand pumps and the like to fill the trans.