We have successfully handled more than 100 bid protests, many of them involving complex computer technology and defense item procurements. .
Defending false claims allegations, whether initiated by manual a whistleblower or by the litigation Department of Justice.
The P-3C, A-10 and Barry were supporting operations for Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn.
By 2009 Libyan leader Moamer Gadafi seemed to be saving Croatia's shipyards, in a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars for the Zagreb company Adria Mar and the Croatian shipyards.These include litigation the Seahorse Mediterranean Network programme, aiming coast litigation to strengthen Libyan border surveillance and implemented by seven Member States, with the Spanish Guardia Civil in the lead.By 2015 the coastguard had two ageing 25-meter tug boats and a few small fast boats.Following up on the Commission's Action Plan to support Italy from, coast the EU Trust Fund guard for Africa adopted on program worth 46 million to reinforce the integrated migration and border management capacities of the Libyan authorities.Says things he hopes are inspirational, never leaves his state room, and collects dust until the next guy shows.Support included training, equipment (rubber boats, communication equipment, lifesaving equipment repair and maintenance of the existing fleet.Traditionally, the navy's primary mission was to defend the coast and to assist the other services in maintaining internal security and public order.

All parts were constructed in Croatia or procured on the world market.
The P-3C fired at Vittoria with AGM-65F Maverick missiles after multiple explosions were observed in the vicinity of evolution the port rendering the 12-meter patrol vessel ineffective and forcing it to be crack beached.
Once returned those assets need getmail to be serial maintained in an effective operational condition.Lieutenant-Colonel Atef Salem, representing the Libyan guard Navy, explained how the lack of clarity in jurisdiction among the various bodies of the State was reflecting negatively on the ground.Some said Libyan coast guard fired at the boat, though other accounts suggested that rival trafficking gangs or Libyan militiamen may had been to blame.By 2008 Malta focused on enhancing training for Libyan CG officials patrolling Libya's SAR area.But one three star review complains, If you are looking to take your management skills to a new level, best to look elsewhere.The program aimed at stepping up activities in support of the Libyan Border- and Coast Guards, to enhance their capacity to effectively manage the country's borders.The Libya Professional Exchange took place in Tripoli, Libya (June 8-12, 2008) was a professional exchange in Libya between uscg and Libyan Air Force, Navy and maritime officials regarding SAR and establishment of Libyan Coast Guard.Responding to Inspector General and grand jury investigations.The 1,000 men in the Coast Guard were spread over a vast coastline reaching from the oil town of Brega, in the East of the country, to the Tunisian border.Resolving contract termination disputes, representing clients in small business size protests and appeals, and in Mentor/Protégée Program and Alaskan Native Corporation status disputes.Under the 2008 deal four Libyan patrol boats were sent toItaly for maintenance in 2012.Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi publicly disparaged Sarkozy's Union for the Mediterannean proposal.A soldier with the coastguard can quartet expect less than 1,000 Libyan dinars at the end of the month.Navy serial P-3C Maritime Patrol aircraft,.S.The workshop aimed to outline a plan of action that identifies the immediate priorities in the area of border security and management, clarify the responsibility of each entity in the border security sector and discuss international support to implementing these immediate priorities.

Recovering costs incurred as a consequence of defective specifications.
We succeeded in defending a Coast Guard award where the protester alleged that our clients product did not coast guard claims and litigation manual meet the required performance specifications.
I am excited at the prospect of working with the new CO, said.