boktai 2 sun patch

By converting SOL to boktai soll via the local bank (where soll is stored patch and boktai can gain interest) with a 1 SOL1 soll conversion rate, patch energy can be turned into cash.
Sol de Vice (Solar Glove which gives Django the ability boktai to enchant ordinary weapons, like a sword, with the power of the sun.
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The paths to each ending is dependent on the number of times the player has defeated the final boss, the Doomsday Beast Jormungandr.The player resumes the file in the last area.Removed patch CleanPatch patches, as they boktai caused problems in some situations.Prizes for high scores include photos and healing items.

Boktai 2: boktai Solar Boy Django.
I recommend you use this patch first.
Kid, who runs the instruction potion/armour shop, is met at a certain point in philips that game.
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, a also known as, zoktai, is a video game that was developed and published.Intro: The patches boktai in this archive are manual solar sensor patches.As the player manual plays the game in daylight, the player builds Solar Energy, or SOL, in the solar stations scattered throughout the in-game world.4 Known in Japan as Zoku Bokura no Taiy Taiy Shnen Jango ( Japanese :, lit.Boktai featured a level named the "Azure Sky Tower" which presented a formidable challenge to players who have completed the game or were highly skilled.The first bad ending is in the Spiral Tower while Django and Sabata are talking to the Black Dainn.He is told by Zazie that she saw Smith head towards the cathedral.When that's completed and Jormungandr is defeated again, the player will talk to Violet again.Saadman omar rates this game: 5/5 "Boktai 2 : Solar Boy Django" is the second game in the Boktai series.Contained revised cwcheat patches for European Boktai 1 and 2, and Japanese Boktai.Konami for the, game Boy Advance.While the chances are slim, due to the nature of the patches (they all have an extension routine in free space) it's possible they might overwrite, or be overwritten by other hacks or patches.