To receive these, enable the option crack to "Load development versions." on the "Updates" tab.
No modern browser needs this feature as they have all crack removed support for status bar muncher modifications.
Improvements to helper script final insertion.Fixed possible crash when exporting configuration.Several improvements and bug fixes to the new system tray and other interface crack code.Fixed hung installer on some systems when launching URLs.Fixed possible breaking of the helper script crack if the user switches between different versions of the betas.Fixed crack crashes of some 64bit processes.Implemented a better method of handling new list formats in the config file to avoid old types piling.

Rewrote the system tray mandate handling crack code from scratch.
Improvements to mutex handling in the config code.
Fixed possible loss of licensing details when retrieving updates.
Fixed crashes under Windows.
Fixed dialog display crack after registration reset.More improvements to exclusion handling and helper script embedding.Fixed potential crash from 64-bit patches under Windows.Implemented code to allow us to release list updates as betas for testing before going out to a wider audience.Vastly improved handling of external content on excluded pages so crack that excluded pages should rarely need extra queueing filters to exclude them completely crack from filtering.Removed the option to open blocked popups from the system tray menu, as this is office now available in-browser with the toolbar.Removed the option to prevent modifications to the browser status bar.Fixed system tray error message.Improved method used for replacing script tags to avoid problems on some sites.

Many improvements to how the helper script is packaged and inserted, for ad muncher 4.72.30400 final crack example it can now be updated via the filter list.
Final packaging changes for release.