Theres one on each side feeding from your radiator, they connect at the swap bottom.
Do not sacrifice safety for getting it auto done quickly.
Just uplug it for now.
For some of the other bolts we used a socket (with swivels and for still other bolts we used obstruction wrenches.Some people say that the tranny must be auto rotated while jacking it up so the starter hump points down, manual the rotated into place once it is swap mated to the transmission, we did not do this and still got it into place.3 large plugs, and a small 2 wire plug (its not visible in the picture except by the two wires connected by the yellow splice).Procedure Manual Install I did not include what needs to be lubed, so check swap your FSM for where to put on lithium grease - some parts of the transmission need it, and some (like the clutch disc) will not work if they get greasy.The automatic flywheel is held on by 6 bolts torqued down to about 120 ft/lbs, and your flywheel will try to turn when you try to break these bolts.Although that is much auto easier said than done.

Bolt up the center coupling to the body lt up the 4 bolts that secure the drive shaft to the differential.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet published the specifics of manual the broadened campaign, but Nissan spokesperson.
Remove the ATF cooling lines.
Remove the carrier bearing as well.
Next, take out the driveshaft.Take a hammer auto and a 12mm socket and hammer your pilot bushing into your crankshaft.Two of the bellhousing bolts run through the starter, manual disconnect the starter before you take out these bolts then remove the starter.Phillips head driver, materials: 5-speed transmission 5-speed crossmember 5-speed driveshaft, flywheel and MT bolts (marked MT).Also, once it is in if it is not perfect, it will not fit on all the way you may want to try manual spinning the flywheel to help manual line everything.Drive it around the block, and take it easy until your clutch is broken sewall in (about 500 miles) Wiring Visit: ml for wiring instructions.Put in the rest of the bolts and nuts which mount the transmission.Remove the Cotter pin holding the A/T shifter to the A/T tranny.Tools: FSM, torque wrench, socket set, floor manual jack, fluid catch pans and spill mats.This will be difficult.Bleed your clutch lines and adjust your clutch pedal to where you want.Clutch pedal, brake pedal (optional boots and brackets for shifter assembly.