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Finding the CTU game Data Drive 12:00am1:00am 43 Jack Bauer Together Jack and Chase game find the CTU hard drive.
"Review: 24: game The Game".
Edge staff (March 2006).A graph shows the suspect's game "stress level" which oscillates in a sort of pseudo- sine wave.Jack hid himself while Chase showed Madsen Bauer's game dogtags.A b c d "24: The Game Guide Walkthrough PlayStation 2 (PS2) IGN (Basic Strategies.After the ordeal is over.Sniper game Search 9:00am10:00am 7 Sean Walker Sean must find the location of the snipers for Jack before the Vice President arrives.A b c d e f g Eduardo Vasconcellos (March 17, 2006).The hours are broken down into game 58 separate missions, of which there are three broad types, each described in further game detail below.Chopper comes by with Chase shooting the gunmen.It doesn't stop there however especially when you start contacting enemies.The cutscene with Jack and Tony begins.

Missions Edit Picture Episode Hour Mission Number Playable Character Storming the Ship 6:00am7:00am 1 Jack studio Bauer Following an anonymous lead, Jack Bauer and a CTU team storm a ship containing security a Ricin bomb.
Tom Bramwell (January 26, manual 2006).
Metro station lures CTU agents away from their headquarters.
Jack infiltrates proteus the base, saves Kim, and meets Chase for the first time.12 Reception edit Reception The game received "mixed" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.A number of other puzzles are used only once, including puzzles to simulate transferring files over a damaged network, infrared scanning of buildings, radar-like scanning of areas, and creating a network link across the entire planet.Tony tries to talk the parent out of shooting Radford.Section three covers a major plus terrorist attack and attempt manual to gain access to nuclear weapons.Jack kills Madsen as he escapes on a speedboat.Sometimes, realplayer plus I got into a tight firefight where I couldn't hit a terrorist a few feet in front.Citation needed The musical score to the game, performed by the Nimrod Studio Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, 11 was made available for digital download after the game was released.At the part where you enter the main building there are no enemies to shoot, just Madsen.Reboot 2:00pm3:00pm 19 Michelle Dessler Tony and Michelle reboot the CTU main computer.Jack Bauer had to cover for Landis so she could work on diffusing the bomb.The AI is just plain immature.Zero sectors: 1, file Name : O, file Size.